When we talk about photomontage and photo retouching, it comes to mind all those models retouched in magazines, in which it looks with more waist, thinner, with cut arms or with a leg that does not have the same dimension that the other, and we’ve always realized that. Normally these models are on the most beautiful beaches in the world, but strangely we learned that the tones and lighting is not the same and we realize the small mistake found in the magazine.

That is a failure in the photomontage, but what is a photomontage?

There are the technical words, but we can summarize them in this way: it is a photographic technique in which it consists of creating an image through other images, as well as the technique called collage, but giving it a more realistic aspect, in order to convince the viewer of that reality.

This is related to the photo retouching technique that consists of the modifications that an image is made to look for a better finish, such as light, filters, levels or even imperfections that you want to remove or change in the same image.

All these techniques are used in the famous computer programs, such as Photoshop, Pixel image editor and Gimp; the most famous and most used is Photoshop, being full of great tools makes it comfortable and efficient. It allows a workflow and precise results. In this way it was possible to simplify the work at the time they arrived

Thus achieving what it would be to unite and modify several images, in a single photograph, which despite being simple, is a technique that merits knowledge of the program to be used, at least more than the basics and it will be possible to arrive at the result that is you want

This technique includes photographs in public places, demonstrations and art publications, this is used as a criticism of the art of culture, also as a form of protest, the First World War and the bureaucrats in 1915 by Dada. But currently it is given a humorous or advertising sense. On certain occasions the objective

Sometimes the authors do not look for the photomontage is to deceive the viewer, like the photo retouching, but everything depends to the point of quality, the image arrives to be real. Deceiving the viewer, but the photomontage is obvious at all times, so much that it would think that it was done wrong.