When adopting a dog you always have to take into account the different diseases that may occur through your life that is why we bring you this list so you are informed of each of them.

1. Worm heart: heartworm is a parasite transmitted by the bite of a mosquito, which travels through the blood and lungs and stay lodged in the heart of our dog, this disease can be prevented with pills. You have to be careful when traveling with our dog.

2. Parvovirus: is a disease that occurs especially in the dog breeds of Pinscher, Rottwiler and Doberman, It is a serious illness that it is best to go to a veterinarian. This disease has no cure, but it can be prevented.

3. Kennel cough: This disease appears in epidemics, causing the puppy pharyngitis and coughing in dogs. It is quite contagious but can be prevented thanks to vaccination.

4. Leishmaniasis: This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes as occurs with heartworm and other diseases. It is a very serious disease and to avoid complications the best thing is that you go to the vet to protect your dog.

5. Distemper: this disease is serious in puppies. It does not have a specific treatment and can also be prevented with vaccination. There are more cases due to animal trafficking for sale. The symptoms can be respiratory, digestive or neurological in the most severe case.

6. Arthrosis: this is a problem in an inflammation and degeneration of the joints that can be secondary to many other problems. It occurs mainly in older animes, since it is progressive and it gets worse with age. And especially in big and giant race.

7. Digestive problems: This refers to something more general but vomiting and giving it is one of the symptoms they present, this can be caused by different diseases that can be dangerous, this is enough reason to take your dog to the vet.

8. Urinary problems: the diseases are very varied, the most common is cystitis but nothing else is affected in older animals.

9. Skin problems: Any disease in general can be symptoms on the skin, the causes can be allergies, increasingly frequent for various reasons such as breed selection, pollution, among others.

If your dog is part of the family, treat it with a lot of love but above all take care of diseases like these that can be very harmful and even lethal. If you see that your dog has any of these symptoms take him immediately to the vet.